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  1. MagentaGirlX

    Bleaching from black to platinum

    Hi everyone! My hair: very thick, strong, semi-coarse So my hair is naturally a level 3/4... however I haven't had a full head of my natural colour for at least 10 years! It's been through the ringer with different dyes/bleaching, but I've also kept it in a very short pixie for the best part...
  2. M

    Echos/Echosline lightener, which has better lift?

    Im very new to the brand Does anyone use it? Do you find you get more lift from the blue or violet on quite a dark base?
  3. A

    Toner help

    Please recommends what brand toners you prefer? Im looking for a silver tone for blonde and a nice brown for a colour melt? Also what bleach/peroxide do you recommend for balayage? Please help im newly qualified.
  4. R

    Brassy hair color correction

    Hi everyone! I am workig with a level 6-7 brassy orange hair after using a color remover and want the result to be a 5N! If I use a 5N hair color with 10 volume developer would the brassiness go away since I am going darker or do I have to use a level 5 with blue undertones??