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  1. bubbliki

    Fixing gold mids and ends to match platinum roots

    Hi hair people! I have a new client who has bleached at home and has gold banding throughout due to bleaching over previous color. I’d say the mids and ends are 8G, roots are level 9. Would you attack this with back to back foils, leaving out the roots? And then going back and doing the roots...
  2. M

    Help needed Sally’s colour recommendations

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post I’m new here. I have attached a photo of my hair. I can’t afford a salon right now but my hair badly needs doing. I’ve experimented with my hair loads but needing advice on which semi permanent colour from Sally’s to put on my hair for the balayage...
  3. M

    Green hair please help

    Hello, which toner would you recommend for a 9-10 level hair with a slight greenish tint to cancel it out and neutralize it?
  4. L

    What toner to use for a beige blonde look?

    Hi everyone! im wanting to tone my blonde hair current base level of a 9. I want to go a beige blonde like this photo. What is the best toner to achieve please? I’ve previously used wella kp 8/96 but fancy trying something new?! Let me know your thoughts. TIA
  5. MagentaGirlX

    Bleaching from black to platinum

    Hi everyone! My hair: very thick, strong, semi-coarse So my hair is naturally a level 3/4... however I haven't had a full head of my natural colour for at least 10 years! It's been through the ringer with different dyes/bleaching, but I've also kept it in a very short pixie for the best part...
  6. M

    Echos/Echosline lightener, which has better lift?

    Im very new to the brand Does anyone use it? Do you find you get more lift from the blue or violet on quite a dark base?
  7. A

    Toner help

    Please recommends what brand toners you prefer? Im looking for a silver tone for blonde and a nice brown for a colour melt? Also what bleach/peroxide do you recommend for balayage? Please help im newly qualified.
  8. R

    Brassy hair color correction

    Hi everyone! I am workig with a level 6-7 brassy orange hair after using a color remover and want the result to be a 5N! If I use a 5N hair color with 10 volume developer would the brassiness go away since I am going darker or do I have to use a level 5 with blue undertones??