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  1. V

    What is the shiniest top coat?

    I'm on the hunt for the shiniest top coat. So far I like CND Brisas top coat but it doesn't last as long and although it has a blue tint to keep colors bright it can also slightly alter the color shade that's very obvious to my own eyes. I also really like Orly's non-wipe top coat. It's very...
  2. M

    Top coat not curing!

    Hey everyone! I’m new here and I had to resort to a forum to know what’s going on with my top coat. Im not a professional, I’m a nail enthusiast and i only do my nails. Recently I bought a topcoat and I did my nails and I sealed my color with it, but it looked cloudy instead of glossy. And I...
  3. Pearlmoonnails

    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Hi, I have started using halo top and base coat for my services and I can't nock the products they last really well. My issue is I am not a very busy tech as I have only been open around 2 months and only have 2/3 regular clients at the moment and I have noticed that my halo no wipe top coat lid...
  4. S

    Gelish shrinking

    does Gelish only occasionally Shrink on the first layer of colour? I was wondering if anyone new why it did this? And if it does it on the 2nd colour coat or top coat too? As I’ve heard of flash curing the 1st colour coat but not any other layers? Do I need to flash cure the top coat too or the...
  5. S

    Is it possible to overcure Gelish?

    Hi is it possible to overcure top coat gelish? I was doing nails the other day and couldn’t remember if my lamp switched on to cure the top coat for 30 seconds (it’s the sensored 18g lamp) silly of me I know not to notice!! But I then asked the lady to put her nails in again do for 30secs. I’m...