24 inch Russian mini tip - help!


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Jun 11, 2014
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Additional lengths is out of stock, can anyone recommend anywhere??

What colour were you wanting? We may infact have it in stock if we our online stock is off by a couple.

Give me a call on 01642 867213 and I will check for you.
I usually buy from additional lengths but you are constantly out of stock.

Are there any colours in particular and in which range? We very rarely run out of stock completely of something, although it does happen occasionally as we are extremely busy and sell a lot of hair per day.

We also don't list all of our stock online due to selling over the phone, walk ins from our retail locations and stock kept for our stockists. If it ever says out of stock, I would just give us a call on the above number and someone will check the stock levels for you.
Jet black, Remi Cachet mini tip. I spoke on the phone and unfortunately they couldn't give me a date it would be in stock and to call back at the end of next week. This does happen quite a lot and Additional lengths are becoming very unreliable as a supplier.

I do believe we have those in stock, but I will double check in the morning for you. We are due a delivery by the end of the week, early next week.

If you want to PM your number I will call you first thing in the morning.

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