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Jul 1, 2003
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Houghton-le-spring, Tyne and Wear
Well ladies and gents just finished the first three days of my Creative foundation course. My last day is on the 4th Sept and boy am i exhausted! :scram:

Never thought it would be this hard :huh: to learn how to do nails, i take my hat off :salute: to all you experts out there. Have really enjoyed the training but it always looked so easy when you watch other people do it but it's actually really hard. I'm determined to stick with it though and i'm sure i will get there in the end. My trainer Wendy Leighton is great and i give her a good laugh :D about always being on the internet! They all know where i get my info :study: from!!!!

Anyway i'm off to bed cause the early morning :sunny: starts to get to my training have killed me (6am) i'm definately not a morning person! Just wanted to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction and i'll keep you all informed on how i get on, mind you don't expect to hear from me too quickly cause i've got tons of swotting and homework to do :study: !!!!!!!!!!!

Chat to you all soon, thanks again lots of love Linda x :D
Well done linda

i'm sure you will pass with flying colours glad you have enjoyed the learning :D
Sawadde ka

Good luck for you and can do nail very good i want you enjoy too much .

Kop khun ka mui
Hi ya..
I sent you a quick email in the week...I haven't had time to breathe!!!
Did you go home after the first day and wonder what the hell you had started? I was really frustrated - our homework was to 'tip and blend' our left hand, (and do the plastic one...have you named yours?) and when I got out of the shower on the 2nd day, I had 2 tips in my HAIR!!!!!
Talk about intense...I don't know what the rest of the world was doing for those 3 days!!!

Anyways...I am having big problems with my beads :( but I am finding time to practice!! Hope you are having an easier time than me. Keep me updated on your progress. I go back on the 1st August, so I'll let you know in advance how bad it is hee hee! :D

Take Care

I have just finished the final day of mine, last Friday - 50/51 in test and vv pleased! :) I was completely worn out at the intensity of the course, but learned so much from it. It is like taking a driving test, you take the test and then you learn.

I developed greatly in 3 weeks between sessions, and used my "scary hand" to great advantage - it doesnt answer back and is NOT FUSSY! Unlike my nail model for course (love her really - my daughter - who nagged, do this, do that - great for me though as she is probably the most demanding person I could deal with).

Anyway give yourself a day or two to recover, adn I suggest you start your sets of nails early, rather than be rushed at the end, if life etc gets in the way. I also did some revision every few days from start for same reason.


well done to you all!! :thumbsup: and also for you 'boosting each other with enthusiasm and confidence!! This is what enrichens our jobs and strengthens our beliefs in what we do!! Yes, the Four Day FC is hard, but you know what - so's 4/5 yrs at Uni learning to become a DR or Lawyer - this is what it says - FOUNDATION - you are all at the beginning - now get cracking (good ole Yorkshire term there) and become FABULOUS at doing creative beautiful nail enhancements!!! Best of Luck :D ;)
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