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Jul 3, 2020
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Good morning All,

I don't know if anyone can help, or if this is just a vent...

I qualified April 2021. I work from home and offer Mani's, pedi's, gel polish, L&P and, brush on builder. I have had a couple of clients that have had a service, but not returned.. I have 5 family/friends that have services (but four of them at a discount). Then I have 3 independent clients. One is new and booked an infill, before she left her first appointment 😊👍 One is flakey with her appointments and at her last appointment had gel polish. But she is a chronic nail biter and has admitted when I contacted her for her new appointment, she has bitten them back down. I did try to explain that the acrylics worked better for her... The last is a new gel polish pedicure and only wants them doing every six weeks or so....

So as you can see, not the best work load for a year in.

I am disabled and have chunks of time that I am unable to work, the only upside to having a small client list! I have not actually had to cancel anyone yet. These chunks of time can last around a week and I'm practically bed ridden, so practicing designs at my desk is not an option. I then get frustrated that I have nothing to post on SM that is new and fresh... The last advert run I did, the advert finished on the Friday and on the Tuesday prior, I was taken into hospital! I had a few promising enquiries, but couldn't book anyone in as I was in hospital and didn't know when I would be home. Added to which, I contracted Covid whilst in there.

Therefore, any income I have is sucked up by costs and money is now extremely tight. I have brought a planner and also have a digital to do list. But I look at them and my mind goes blank.

Is there anyone that could share practical tips? For day to day, but especially those days that I am physically unable to get up. Help me become more organised?

My motivation is still there, but during those bad times, it takes a battering.

Thank you if you got this far and for any advice you can offer.

Lorna xx
Hi Lorna welcome and well done for completing your training and getting started in business.

It’s been very challenging for everyone over the past year, I think 8 clients is nothing to be ashamed about.

For your SM I suggest you create content that you schedule ahead of time. So for instance if you think that your ideal client will always be looking at SM at 4pm on Fridays, schedule your SM for every Friday at 4pm and create 3 or 4 posts so you have fresh content appearing regularly even if you need to take some time out.

Next plan your schedule. As your health is variable maybe you should plan to offer appointments ahead of time only on certain days of the week - let’s say Monday and Thursday. That way you have a few days when you can rest if you need. and you keep your rest days available to reschedule bookings if you need to cancel anyone for health reasons. You could accept appointments for rest days only at short notice - less than 48 hours say, so you can say no if you feel you are becoming ill again. Let your clients know that this is how you work - these are my regular days and sometimes I’m available at short notice at other times.

Finally, learn to pace yourself. I retrained in beauty after a significant illness and I was told not to work again - which didn’t suit me for psychological reasons. I started my career working half a day a week. Then I added another half day after a few months. Gradually the half day became longer - 5 hours, then 6. I think it took me about a year to add a third day.

I am better if I have structure and activity. Maybe this approach will help you. Write a to do list and remind yourself in the morning of what you want to achieve and then at night check in and remind yourself of what you did achieve (pat yourself on the back) and what you want to do the next day.

Have faith in yourself. Put your prices up for new customers even if just by £1,50. You’ve been working for over a year so it’s time. Tell your existing clients that you are very grateful for their support and they can benefit from your introductory prices for another six months

Business builds slowly, and word of mouth is the best. Don’t be afraid to tell customers that you have spaces available and can accept one or two more referrals. Say thank you to the clients that send you clients. Give them an upgrade - maybe some nail art on one finger, it’s a bit more classy than a discount.

Finally think about ways you can add to your client’s experience to encourage them to recommend you and return. Creating a memorable service may be by ending the service with a hot scented towel or having a massage from a lit scented massage candle. Luxury can be created without spending lots of money, just a thoughtful touch.
@TheDuchess - Hi and thank you so much for your reply 😊 It has given me lots to think about and seems so much more organised. My husband tells me that, I try to do everything all at once and burn myself out...

As I am currently ill again, after a couple of chaotic weeks (I never thought having a stairlift, could snowball all the work that needs to be done prior to it being fitted). I will take the time to write down and go through your ideas and leave all the stressing about what I will find upstairs after three years 🤦‍♀️

I do greatly appreciate your help and support. Please don't take this the wrong way, but it helps that you have been/are in a similar situation.

Thank you

Lorna xx

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