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Jul 20, 2004
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Gillingham - kent
just had my first ever attempt at the old 3d nail art. and isn't it just great!
Hadn't even heard of it before chocolate gave my nvq class a book each when we finished all our assessments.:o how dumn do i feel!!!

Ne way heres my first ever attempt:


Sorry Pics not very clear!
what do u think (if u can actually c it!)
Cumon geeks be honest, i need to be pointed in the rite direction.

oh and ne tips on how to do good roses?
ok got it slightly bigger, but still bit mussy.
ok now first picture has gone, hmm, must be doin sum thing wrong!
Luckybird sawasdee ka

I can see the 2nd photo i love your work and designs .

Mui from Thailand .
luckybird21 said:
ok got it slightly bigger, but still bit mussy.
Well if this is your first attempt, imagine what you will be like in a little while?? Very impressive!! Btw I love the blue colour you're using in the background - is it an enamel or are you using a blue acrylic powder?
cudn't find my blue enamal, so had to use the old nail art poster paint stuff (is it acrylic paint in thoose little pots from spangles?) so it had to be layered on thick.
They are really good. This 3d nail art is excellent to do isn't it.I am really addicted to doing it now, so can't wait to get more coloured powders to give it a go.

You just have to let your imagination run wild!!:)

I'M WELL IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll shout when i need help on the nail art book!

Oh, by the way, your NVQ portfolio went to city and guilds today, fingers crossed!

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