a.s.p power gel?


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Mar 6, 2012
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can some1 please tell me what you do with a.s.p power gel? have some from sallys but no instructions??? i presume you scop gel and dip into the powder?? please help??? xxx
Have you done any form of training at all?
hi yes i trained in gels with essenial nails and a conversion with nsi... doing well with nsi products on clients but have a very heavy handed mother in law who breaks every time :( was told this is stronger???
I've never used asp but it's not a top product from what I've heard/read, NSI would be my choice of the two - are you building apex correctly and in the right place?
yes i am its fine for all my other clients just this one who is one for using her nails as tools not jewels, so looking for something a little stronger as im not yet trained in acrylics (am saving for more training) thats all. but thanks anyway.

any1 out there used this product b4????

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