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Sep 25, 2003
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wallington surrey
hi all,
ive been looking at all the lovely nails on this site and have a question how do you get that lovely shine on them,also how comes the tips are so white are they white tips? sorry if it sounds silly but if you dont ask you never learn. :D
lisa x
hiya lilolilly
most of the nails you have seen recently have been made using creative l&p.
if you r using this system & are not able to acheive that kind of shine then, firstly check your finishing techniques.
you shouldn't move onto your koala buffer (or white block), until you have perfected the surface of your nail. dips or scratches in the product will not b reached by your finishing buffers.
whenyou r certain that you've finished the surface as well as can b then procede with finishing with your koala & solar oil. then use your trusty girlfriend buffer to get the perfect shine. (when competeing, i use a new 3-way buffer on each nail!, a bit frivolous in the salon!)

as for the whites being WHITE, again what u r looking at is "perfect colour white", the most popular white powder creative make.
it's colour is intense & it has great colour stability. this means it's not wishy-washy like some whites can b, & by stable, i mean you won't see any marbling if you use more than 1 bead.
if you haven't used ny of these products b4, either come & see the demo's on the creative stall at the show at manchester nxt w/end, or phone designer nails on 0113 275 5719 & ask for a "try-me" kit.
have fun!
lol liza xx
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