A small Shellac question?


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Sep 22, 2010
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Hi all, im new to this site and already addicted! Ive recently invested in Shellac, loving it btw, all going fine, just a slight problem after a few days where I find the polish seems to wear away from the free edge. I dont have problems with chips, and I always seal the free edge after every coat, its just like it shrinks slighty? Any views on this? Many thanks
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I have been using Shellac since May and have never seen it shrink the only thing I can think is that you haven't capped/swiped the free edge enough you need to make sure that the base coat is capped/swiped aswell as the 2 colour and the top coat.
I find on very short nails the free edge does wear away quicker due to not being able to do a proper cap/swipebut it is very minimal.
Take a look on the Shellac Social Group there are loads of posts with advice.
As well as what Karen says, is it possible you are applying too thickly. If you put it on too thickly there can be a tiny bit of wrinkling which you may see as shrinkage.

I too have been using it since May and not had problems.
Thanks ladies.. I always cap the nails but I think im a bit heavy handed with the polish and probably appyling too thick. I must chant 'thin to win' to myself in future!!

Thanks again
I'm not sure what the obsession is with colour being on the free edge at all times.

I file my Shellacked nails every 3-4 days and never have colour on the free edge apart from the first few days before I file it. So what? :lol: You cant see that there is no polish actually on the free edge of the natural nail anyway!

Shellac doesn't shrink .. it is not a gel. It can wear along the free edge if the fingers are used allot like anything else but on natural nails it is not noticeable and as I say, I file my nails frequently to maintain the same length and can't even notice.

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