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Apr 28, 2007
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Hello fellow Geeks

I’m in dire straights …

Let me give you a bit of background … here goes

I was trained by Ezflow about an year and a half ago .. but only really started to build up a mobile clientele over the last 6 months .. ( built up a good muscle ok bump on my right arm in the process hehe buff and shine). I love it !!! Unlike my day job I work full time as a repairs officer for a housing association in Cardiff … boring … yawn …. yawn

I NEED TO GET OUT !!! if I have to discuss the state on someone’s toilet or roof any longer I think that I will explode .. there has to be more to life … I want pink girly things covered with glitter and happy people who have got a story to tell or gossip to give … but no not here .. not in the depth of hell (so as you might have guessed not liking the day job)

So I need a plan …. And a bit of help

I would love to be able to set up and go full time the only problem I have is being a single girl with a fairly hefty mortgage to pay I’m a little stuck with regards to a slush fund to cover the initial transition but that can be worried about on a greater scale after

SO I would love to here from anyone that has gone the distance .. bitten the bullet .. any geeks know of any spaces going in the Cardiff area ??? even Swansea … is there anyone that is looking for a joint venture or even any geeks in the area that want to get together and have a chat ….

Please get in touch there is so much I need to know … how much do you pay for a spot in a local salon etc etc




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May 24, 2006
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My local wholesaler always has adverts on a notice board as you walk in. Have you got a local Sally's, Aston & Fincher etc? Failing that take a walk around your local area on a Saturday and ask at some local hairdressing salons and or beauty salons.

Good luck

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