Absolute Dust From Eyelash Emporium


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Jul 4, 2009
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Hi Geeks,

Its been a while since I've posted but try to check in when I can. Hope you're all doing ok.

I've got a bit of a dilemma with my lash supplier; The Eyelash Emporium as I've tried to get hold of them in the last month three or four times and I've heard absolutely nothing back. The first time I left a voice message, the second time I emailed them and I've tried writing to them via Instagram messaging a few times also. The reason I contacted them was because a few of my clients had experienced quite stingy, watery eyes after switching to a new bottle of their Master adhesive, resulting in their lashes falling out slightly more at the outer corners when all my lash sets have been lasting brilliantly. I had a similar issue with the company a few years back when one of their adhesive formulations wasn't working and I lost a lot of clients from it. I knew the issue wasn't with my working practice as I hadn't changed anything other than using a new bottle of adhesive and subsequently had a bit of a battle with them over it. However they finally admitted that their adhesive was the problem but it never made up for the fact that I lost quite a few clients because of it.

I'm now at a bit of a loss to understand why they are completely ignoring me and it's making me wonder if anyone actually works their anymore and TBH I think it's a disgusting way to treat a loyal client who has been using them for the last six years! Is anyone able to shed any light on this as I'm finding it so strange and seriously considering switching brands as I currently use Nouveau lashes for lash lifts.


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