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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hey all, Here's my dilema: I live in rural Herefordshire :o and need advice on which acrylic course to do. I have qualified :D with Essential Nails & Bio Sculpture but realise that I need to do Acrylics for the clients that are really hard on their nails :!: Do I do the Essential Nails acrylic tip & overlay or acrylic sculpting as I already have the 'nail trainer' :?: or do I go for another course :?

Please send me your thoughts on this matter and take into consideration that I work (for the time being) full time as an administrator :( , that I would have to use public transport to get to the course and I need to have good value for money.

Cheers :p
From what I`ve heard Essential Nails is a good home lear course but there is no substitute for having a tutor on hand therefore I would opt for Creative training every time. If you have been a tech for over a year you could do a conversion which would only require one day out but I`m not sure how near you are to any of the venues.
Hi ya,

I've done two acrylic courses now, but with over twenty students in the class it's impossible to get the attention you really need. My smile lines are still appalling!

I've booked up for the Creative Foundation in July - only eight to a class - big selling point for me! Can't wait! I'm hoping Ketan can sort out my smile lines once and for all!

I work during the day too, but figured it was worth taking the extra days as holiday.

Best of luck what ever you decided!

when it comes down the training, i personally find reputable, product based training to be the most effective as the educators know all there is to know about the product to help you with any problem you may have, unlike someone with a generic knowledge of nail enhancements. also if your going to spend alot of money on a chosen system, doesn't it make sence to use them for the education also???? add this to the fact of smaller class sizes you will find yourself able to progress further at a faster rate because of the increaded attention

:D Hi,

Thanks so much to everyone who offered me advice. I am yet to decide which acrylic course to do (probably Creative). Will it be a lot different to gel?

Bye for now,

Sharon 8)
I found it to be very different to gel. Prep is always of a muchness but all three systems (sorry naturalnails, four systems) are very different to use
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