Acrylic or gel extensions?


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Jan 27, 2016
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Hi all :)

I'm nearing the end of my level 2 beauty and am then due to start level 3 beauty and completing my gel polish course at the college in the next few weeks. Thinking way ahead but once I've completed all that I'm considering training in extensions, out of interest which do you find are more popular/which do you prefer... acrylic or gel extensions?
Personally, gel extensions, but each system has its own pros and cons.
Do you want to be a full service nail technician?

Many find it hard to do Liquid and Powder (professional term for acrylic nails) once they start with Gel, it's much easier to do L&P first then go on to do gel :)

Some clients will prefer one over the other, not usually because of the benefits of a certain system but generally because they have had a bad experience with the other system

For me I prefer L&P as you have the most control of it, it's tricker to handle as you have a set amount of time before it sets but I like that about it. It really is personal preference ;) Why don't you ask friends and family what they would choose and see if there is a trend in your area towards on or the other if you only want to do 1 system?
Thanks all! Yes eventually I'd love to be a fully trained beauty therapist and nail technician (but that's a few years off yet as want to get my level 3 under my belt first - just day dreaming at the moment, lol)

Obviously have covered Mani/pedi during my level 2 and am due to do my gel polish course at college but unable to do the nail tech course as it clashes with my level 3 days, so eventually will find courses in extensions, ideally a recognised qualification in these would be my ideal but I need to do some research if they do these as stand alone qualifications. Xx
I do both but l&p is my favourite, so versatile, suits more people and a little more robust.
I live in a city with a lot of eastern-European people and they want gels all the way because in them countries gels are very popular (and is hard to work with L&P in 40C in summer time) my clients native to UK are all the way L&P, personally I prefer gels on short to medium length and acrylics to long and very long length .
I'd see what the kind of people you are targeting are after, I am not qualified in acrylic just hard gel and gel polish and most of the people who see my page have never even heard of gel extensions so I get lots of enquirys about acrylic, half of the people who enquire about acrylic end up getting hard gel extensions and the other half go elsewhere for their acrylic so I'm doing an acrylic course soon

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