Acrylic vs Gel....... Which is easiest?


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Jul 15, 2010
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Can any one tell me whether they think the UV gel system is easier to do than liquid and powder. I always practise with L&P and from what i can gather from some threads, some professionals arent confident with this.... is this more difficult than other systems?
Really, it is just a personal choice. I prefer gel only because I can dip it from one pot and not have to go back and forth between liquid and powder. I also feel that for me, it files easier. A lot of people that have ratio issues prefer gel also.
I agree with CC. I do love l&p and once the ratio issue is cracked, it's a great enhancement product. However, I also find that gel is a little easier to work with - although because it doesn't set like l&p (until you're ready) it creates problems by the fact that you can faff for a while - neither the client appreciates it - and it can affect the finished product! Pros and cons to both!!
I do both and like both, have my own ways to decide, which product will I use on a new client. And I do not think gel is easier, different - yes.
I really love the gel product I use as I find it very easy to apply but I would say that not all gel works the same way. I've tried a few to get to the one I like and would use on all my clients.

I tend to use acrylic to sculpt nails (particularly on nail biters) as it seems to last that much longer. Its a personal preference and its what you become used to using and allows you to work as quick as you can with a professional finish.
I don't think it is a Gel versus L&P thing. It is not a 'choose one over the other' thing, both systems have uniquely different properties that make them suitable for most clients. Professionals should be able to do all successfully to cover what different clients desire.

There are so many different types of gels now, that some are easy ... you just paint them on and do no building (not suitable for everyone though) ... others you build and enhance with and are not so 'easy'.

I don't think either system is easier they are just different and require different techniques to use them successfully.

  • L&P suits 99% of peoples' nails.
  • Buff off gels suit 99% of peoples' nails.
  • Soak off gels do not suit as large a proportion of the market but do suit the market that has good natural nails and just wants a permanent colour or that bit of extra strength that allows the natural nails to grow and remain at a longer length than one could have if they were completely natural, without breaking.
  • Gels that are colour coats are for natural nail clients primarily for finger and toes and zero dry time, but not for super strength.

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