Advice finding a new hairdresser-specific cut/style?


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Nov 8, 2013
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Hi there
I really don't like having my hair cut at all and this has been going on for 20+ years now. Hairdressers never seem able to cut my hair properly.
Over the last few years I've tried to make it easier by taking in pictures of my ACTUAL hair style that has been cut and styled in a way that I like and always try to have it cut to this style. I take in a front image, a side image and a rear image and make sure its fully visible during the process.

Here's what I take in

It doesnt seem to matter how much I stress to the hairdresser that I want it like the picture (My hair will style to the picture as its my haircut I'm showing them) they just dont seem to listen. Cutting bits off here and there that are nothing like the image.
I have it cut around my ears with the section in front of my hair being left long ish (Kind of "mod" like)

Three times now in the last year Ive had to regrow sections of my hair where they have done such a bad job.

I dont go to £5 haircut salons, I go to big named firms like Toni & Guy, and Obsessions etc that say they specialise in such haircuts here in the UK.

I used to have a really good mobile hairdresser but he's moved to a different country now. Then I found a new hairdresser who seemed to know what she was doing, but she was such a moody person that I just couldnt cope going to her anymore.

Then I found a new guy in a different salon who seemed to know what he was going, but steadily got worse and worse at cutting my hair. (How hard can it be with an ACTUAL picture in front of you of me)

Can anyone give me suggestions of what I should be asking/saying to hairdressers when I'm deciding on a new hairdresser to cut this specific cut for me?

Need to see a picture of your hair, texture density and colour can affect the cut
I can't see it sorry maybe upload it from a laptop
You need to ask for a razor cut & is that a picture of yourself? Which bit specifically do they mess up?
Hi there
Yes, thats actually me with my own hair. The pictures were taken straight after it was cut/styled. Generally they end up cutting off the long(ish) parts in front of my ears. No matter how much I say "I want these parts leaving as they are". Ive had to regrow these parts three times in the last year and they are an essential part of this hairstyle as far as I'm concerned. What are these parts actually called? They are not sideburns, but they lie over my sideburns.

More often than not the hairdresser will also leave too much of the hair on the side of my head in these sections too.

I can't understand what's so difficult about it - I do a lot of these types of cuts (I get photos of Ian Brown, Paul Wella and Liam Gallagher lol) could you ask around friends for recommendations on who they use?

I can't understand what's so difficult about it - I do a lot of these types of cuts (I get photos of Ian Brown, Paul Wella and Liam Gallagher lol) could you ask around friends for recommendations on who they use?

Exactly, its that kind of Indie cross Mod hair style thats been around for 20/30 years, surely its not that difficult or different? Sure its not a modern day quiff but it should still be in any decent hairdressers tool box eh?
None of my friends have hair styles like me unfortunately. There are literally 50 hair salons where in the tiny city that I live in (and the same goes for coffee shops), but Ive got to tar everyone with the same brush unless I get a recommendation.
I don't see how it's difficult either.. Maybe if u know someone male/female with a textured cut ask where they went.. Nothing better than a reccomendation
Any further advise on this please?
Much appreciated.
It's kind of impossible to advise as you can't "tell" a hairdresser how to cut hair it's our number 1 pet hate but advising is good... Unfortunately you will need to just find a word of mouth hairdresser who is good and show them this pic and tell them what hairdressers do that you don't like. If you intimidate the hairdresser (I don't mean that in a mean way) but you won't get a good haircut either.. Good luck

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