Advice needed as an older therapist


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Dec 31, 2015
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West Yorkshire
Have any one of you guys gone into working for a salon as an older newly qualified beauty therapist?

Would love to hear your stories!

Tia x
I've had a couple of older therapists work with me over the years, and to be honest it was an absolute boon as the salons I worked in were predominantly attracting moneyed clients of middle age and above. The only thing I would say is to be careful to hide any lack of confidence when starting out. Many younger therapists have A LOT of self-confidence, and although it is often misplaced it does have the advantage of making clients feel that their therapist knows what they're doing. In contrast, many of those who qualify later in life tend to be more cautious and realistic about their abilities, which is only natural as with age comes (hopefully!) wisdom. The only problem is that it can come across to clients as a lack of confidence, which will send them into panic - you just need to make sure you appear confident, even if you're terrified!

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