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Feb 3, 2006
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hornchurch essex
Hi geeks, It seem a long while since I posted here but im needing a little advice.

I have not done a set of nails in nearly a year. I had a baby back in april. I had to stop work earlier than I had planned due to blood pressure issues. Anyway my maternity leave is due to finish in the start of december and I am so scared to start again its unreal.

I feel like I had just got my timing to an acceptable limit and everything and now its all going to be back to square 1. I was planning my masters too and had done the premasters just before I got pregnant but now feel like Im not good enough now to see that through.

Im gonna try and do lots of practice but 4 kids seem to be taking up most of my spare time. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
blimey Louise,

you have got your hands full.

I'm afraid the only answer really is to get some practise in.

what about asking some family or friends to have nails done for free and in return they babysit the kids in one room whilst you do another friend?

That way, you don't have to leave the house, you don't have to entertain the kids and although you will have some outlay of using the products, you will have got your confidence and speed and expertise up to standard.

Its also good for the kids to see you as a professional person rather than just mum.
Well firstly, congrats on the baby, and you've answered it your self really, practice loads, are you self employed or in a salon? if salon then I would pop in a few times before returning to work, just to make coffee, chat to staff and clients and get the feel of the work place again.
If you are self employed then the answer is take it slow, part time for a couple of weeks or until you feel ready to do more.:hug:
Did you train with Creative? Why don't you ask for a 1 to 1 with one of their educators and see if they think you could go for your Masters if not maybe you could just have some refresher training (skills building). Keep practising aswell as everyone else has suggested. Its probably more about your confidence being low because of being away from your profession a year and training would really help with that.

Good luck with everything and keep us posted x
hi louise,

wow, doesn't time fly! i bet little thomas is growing up so quick!!
are you gonna be going back to working in a salon? how many days are you going to be working each week??

Hi all, Im gonna be working for myself again. Im still registered self employed. I dont have a lot of child care I only kind of work as an when, so this is why I feel its gonna take me forever to get back into it.
Im just so nervous, worse than when I first started out.

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