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Dec 16, 2011
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hi i'm hoping to get some advice i qualified in hairdressing 14 years ago, didnt work for long afterwards as i was young and took the oppertunity of a better paid job (in a warehouse) so basically i am now near the end of my nvq l2 beauty, but am thinking about going back into hair as well. The problem i have is i dont want to go back to college for another two years to retrain but another college is offering a 10 week beginners cut and blow dry course and 10 week colouring course, they are also doing advanced cutting and colouring at 10 wk courses and hair up. I have been informed i can incorporate all these into the same week as they are all on different days would this be sufficient to get me back into it, i really would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.
Could you afford to do one say a week in a salon? You could work
For free in return for doing models on that day-to get an idea of where your at, what your strengths are?

We had a stylist do that-although she wasnt interested in colour so focused on cutting- she did that for about 12weeks, got a feel for working in hairdressing again?

Also companies such as l'oreal and wella, vidal Sassoon ect offer courses :)

It depends in the standard that your college produces-some very good some not so good. Good luck
hi yes i have arranged to go to a salon for work experience as college is going to be evenings i am hoping to do 2-3 days in a salon to run along side it to gain extra experience
I think that's the best idea we all forget how much we picked up from watching when we were trainees. Good luck with it-it's an amazing job. I have been off work on maternity or 2 weeks and missing it like crazy!

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