Pre Pigment Advice for Reverse Balyage


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Feb 5, 2019
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Hi! I was hoping for some advice. I have a new client, very light, has been having bleach highlights for several years. She would like to go back to being darker more of a reverse balayage. She has grey which she wants to get rid of, but I’m reluctant to go in with a permanent straight away and I’ve told her this. I’ve said I will use a semi permanent which will help to tone away the grey. We can think about permanent when I know she’s fully committed 😂 I would like to use colour touch and am thinking of a reverse balayage technique.

Could I go in with Wella /3 perfecton, as the pre pig and then apply colour touch 6.73 over straight over the top? I need to be selective on the pre pig and not get it everywhere as I need to keep some lightness out. Or do I need to let the perfecton sit for a bit before going in with the colour touch? I’ve attached some photos of her hair now and what she’d like. Thanks for any help!! X


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Trouble is ! Reverse balayage is just that ! U can’t just pre pig all over and then use a colour all over because u still want blonde pieces ! Aka a balayage !
If you are going to do reverse balayage then I suggest using redken shades eq they can be mixed together with the golds / orange reds u need to replace tones and the target colour can be mixed as well then there’s no faffing !!
Hope this helps x

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