Advice on lash extensions and lash lift and HD brow

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Leanne Henderson, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Leanne Henderson
    Hi everyone,

    I am brand new to beauty. I have completed a lash extensions course and it has knocked any confidence I had I just can't do it and I am now too scared to even practice on anyone!!! Can anyone help/reassure me?!

    Also I am booked onto a HD Brow course and Lash Lift but feeling very nervous after the previous course are these courses easier to do? Or any advice would be fab.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Subo
    The first thing I qualified to do was semi permanent lashes and hated it. I decided to give it up soon as I got my certificate. Since then I have trained in brows, lash lifts and tans and love doing all these. They are miles easier to
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  3. KarlieC

    It is so hard at first and you feel like giving up - but don’t! I’ve been doing them for a year now and at first was ready to give up but a year on I left my full time job for a part time admin job and fill my other half of the week with just lashes! What are you scared off? Do you have any good friends and family who you can practise on? My first few sets were horrific but practising on friends and family meant I gained honest feedback and if they were so bad you can always remove them, no harm done. Xxx
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  4. Leanne Henderson
    Thank you for replying that is very reassuring :) x
  5. Leanne Henderson
    Thank you for replying that certainly gives me hope! I am going to focus on the other treatments as I have the training soon and then come back to it and try again need to persuade some friends to be guinea pigs lol xx
  6. Beautiful-you
    I don't do lash extensions myself but my daughter does. She trained nearly a year ago and she stopped doing them a few months back as she lost confidence as although they looked lovely after she'd done them, they didn't always last very long. I persuaded her to stick with it as I know it is one of the trickier treatments to perfect and as long as her clients (mainly friends or friends of friends) know she is still gaining experience and she charges accordingly (£25-£30) she shouldn't worry. if you really are struggling though, could you speak to your eyelash educator for advice?

    I offer lash Lifting and I think it is easier but even that can be fiddly too, but to be honest, I think all treatments take time to perfect, it doesn't just happen overnight. If I were you I'd try and persevere as you have invested in the training and it would be a waste if you couldn't use it :)

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