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May 12, 2003
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Hi everyone, this is my first post and I'm happy to be here. :)

Question - I have a couple of hairdressers as clients and I've purposely given them both the same nails to see what kinds of problems they might have. I am using Retention and CND powder. I did not prime either one of them, and one returned after a couple of days with some major lifting happening. I removed (filed) the lifting bits and applied the acid-free primer and reapplied the product. That was last Wednesday and I haven't heard a peep since. The other one has not contacted me yet but I heard that she is having the same problems.

Do any of you have similar experience with hairdressers? Because these two girls are junior stylists they must do all the hairwashing of the salon's clients, and it's a busy place. I would really appreciate any and all advice or ideas!
The big problem with hairmessers (or anyone who is a load o water and solvents) is the fact that adhesives will break down quickly on them.
I would generaly recommend sculpting hairmessers when possible to avoid a lot o the probs associated with them.

Make sure they have had a slight break before having their nails done. People who are in loads of water (especially soapy water) will have swollen plates (sounds yummy)... in other words, their plates will be slightly larger than normal and contain much more moisture. When the plate retracts in size it can cause problems with your application.

Keep nails short and sculpt em
I agree with the Geek :fro: . I have 4 hairstylists that have acrylics and I usually service them on an off day or only if they have had a break between shampooing to let their nails dry well. It took me a while to figure out that this was causing lifting! :huh: I also don't recommend that they immediently go back to shampooing til their nails have set!
Thank you both for your responses...I am feeling much more confident about the situation now. :D

It was a bit demoralizing to do such a nice set of nails on both girls only to have that problem. I will replace the missing or bad nails with sculpts one at a time to get some practice with that method.
I get really worried when a hairdresser comes to me for nails. I don`t so much suffer with lifting but with hairs working their way underneath the overlay at the cuticle.
LOL Debbie...I have that problem with my cat.......
You`re still tormenting me about the `toes story`
See my response to you in A Big Tip ;)
Got it, love it!
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