Advice on renting a beauty room


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Hi Everyone, I'm shortly moving to Lancashire to live with my boyfriend and i currently rent a room in Yorkshire i would ideally like to rent a room in Lancashire the problem being i obviously wont have any client base to start with i wondered if anyone could give me some tips on the best way to go about finding a room with an exsisting client base or how to get started building one up i have a few ideas but the more the merrier,
replies will be greatly appriciated



I moved area about 7 months ago, only a few of my existing clients were able to make it over to see me and i had a really busy place before!
It's been a bit traumatic but seems to be turning around and am starting to pick up now, quite a few new clients and few regulars out of those, think it just takes time so don't give up too quickly!
I think if your within a busy hairdressing salon you will always pick up custom from there, i advertised a bit but have to say it doesn't seem to have brought many in. Get a good website, get on all the free advertising websites, get a facebook site and add lots of women from the local area so you can advertise your special offers on there.
If you search previous threads on here you will find some great tips.
Good luck chuck!:D