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May 11, 2003
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Hi all

Just looking for some advice and finding out what is the norm with regards to renting a space or room in a local hair salon.

It is more likely to be a space than a room and i was hoping to negotiate a % of my earnings rather than a flat rent.

I have gone back over the last few pages and read some of the related topics and have taken on board all that Ruth has said with regards to blending in to the salon atmosphere and such. BTW I assume Ruth is the same Ruth as mentioned in todays Daily Mirror?

Can anyone advise me what is a fair % of my earnings I can expect to hand over?

This is to date a hair only salon and I would be the first nail technician its ever had, so it would be helpful to know what i should expect/request. I will buy my own products, furniture and such and I will have my own insurance.

Any advice and tips much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi i rent a space for 25% and have done for 4 years and it works really well.

love faye xxx
ps what page was that articale on about ruth (my mum) thanks
Thanks for your reply.

I did think 25% sounded like a fair and general %.

The article was on the centre pages, a lady had a bad experience with a salon who really damaged her nails with a drill and used products with MMA, the lady mentioned that it was Ruth from Nails in London who she saw after her bad experience, so i assumed it was the Ruth I had seen here :)

Thanks again
Yep thats my mum i am the other part of nails in london. i have worked really well on the 25% rent, if i have a good week then he has a good week for money......................
Its about avarege and our salons are in the city of london.
love faye xxxxxxxxxxx
Yes that was me bless.................but they never told me when they would publish it........would love to read it tho.......
Just incase they misconstruded my comments.............

As Faye has pointed out.............
Yes 25% and all retailing is yours............
Thats a good and fair deal.........

love Ruth xxxx
Ruth - I just posted the article in the thread below ;)
Hi Georgina,
I'm in exactally the same position as you and I didn't know where to start with percentages. However after asking around and posting a message here 20 to 25% seems the norm. I'm just starting to work in a hair salon in Gloucestershire and there isn't many people round here who work on this basis but I think it's going to work out well.
Good Luck
Ju :D
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