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Mar 14, 2018
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Hello everyone my business partner and I are in a total debate at the moment so I thought I’d come on here and ask for impartial advice please?
We have a salon which has two floors upstairs has the hair, make up and nails stations whilst downstairs is aesthetics and lashes. When we first started I made us a website just so we could own the business name ect.. yes it wasn’t an all singing all dancing website but it did the job.. my business partner calls her aesthetics clinic SKIN she’s been an had another website built which cost her £350 but she’s added the beauty on to it. She has been really upset with me because 1) she doesn’t get why I asked why do we need another website? 2) The colour scheme has changed 3) Shes not mentioning are actual salon name 4) she’s put aesthetics and beauty on it when I wanted Hair & Beauty sticking together. 5) she’s changed the mobile number and email address too. I’ve tried to explain in the nicest possible way that I want SKIN to be separate from lashes and nails and keep that with beauty with hair but she’s really not happy? What do I do to make her see that it doesn’t make sense with what she’s doing? I’m now singled out because I asked her to remove hair off her new website. I’m not being awkward but I feel hair and beauty come under the same umbrella.
Hope this makes sense? Really don’t want to fall out with her. ☹️

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