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Jenni G

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Oct 3, 2003
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Hi I'm a virgin to this board but here goes! I need some advice.

I have client, she is only 22, who has a medical history the length of my nail bar! :D She has epilepsy, diabetes, carpel tunnel syndrome, deep vein thrombosis and that's just a few of the things, the list goes on but these are the main ones! She was a very bad nail biter and I've got here out of the habit (yippee!) and she now wears L&p enhancements.

She is due in tomorrow for a rebalance but the last time she came in to me she was so poorly that she fell asleep on my station the whole way through - I initially woke her up to make sure she was alright and that she hadn't had an epileptic fit but she so badly wanted them done for going into hospital that I felt very sorry for her and struggled through with her dribbling on my couch roll! (Only joking!)

I've just had a call from my receptionist to say that she has phoned up from her hospital bed where they are keeping her in and she would like me to go to the hospital and do her infills. She says she doesn't care about the cost and is willing to pay anything! Nice (wish more customers were like that).

Anyway what I would like to know is:

a) Do you think that it is ok to go into a hospital full of ill people with all my kit and do this?
b) Would you do it?
c) What extra do I charge? I don't want to overcharge her but I will have to rearrange the appointment before her and the appointment after her a total of 1 1/2 hours and the hospital is a 20 minute drive from my salon.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Poor lady.

Obviously her nail enhancements are therapy to her and give her a bit of glamour when she is most likely feeing less than glamorous. Bless.

They let hairdressers into hospitals so why not nail technicians?

I had a client who was terminally ill and I did her nails for her before she died (in the hospital). I had no problem or hassel about it from anyone. and it gave her such a fantastic lift.

Charge? Well depending on time I would charge her what it is going to cost you timewise and petrol wise and missed appointmentwise. That is fair. Maybe if you went in the evening it could be done for a bit less.
Thanks for the advice Geeg.

I feel so awful for her. She is such a lovely girl and she's had the worst of times. I've just spoken to her and she broke down in tears :( she said she needs them done as she is so stressed out in the hospital that she feels like she needs to start biting them again. If she leaves them any longer they'll start looking tatty and she'll pick or bite them. So for the sake of her nails I'm going there tomorrow night to get her pinkies back in shape!

I don't want to charge too much but obviously I'm not a charity and need to cover my overheads so I'm just going to charge the hourly rate and travel! I think that's fair.


ps: I could get addicted to this! :D
jenni g...thats so nice of you to go out of your way for your client like that. i have a client with SEVERE rheumatoid arthritis and lupus who comes to me for bi-weekly mani's and monthly pedi's. thankfully, she's still able to get out of her house to come in to our spa..on most days at least. she says the same thing your client says, it's like, the one thing she can look forward to when her days are so hard. my client is self-concious about the crippled state of her hands and feet, and she's always told me how much it means to have someone treat her as a normal; person, not as a "patient". you should feel very proud to say your helping her sad as the situation is, we should feel blessed to have the opportunity to touch peoples lives when we can. bravo to you! :thumbsup:
How did it go Jenni? Were the hospital ok with you going there to do her nails?

I've done something similar for a client of mine before. She had a huge back operation and couldn't leave the house for months so I said that I'd travel to her until she could get around. She'd been a client of mine for two years so I thought I'd pay back a bit of her loyalty. Well to be honest I wish I hadn't bothered. I was doing it for her as a favour but she never even gave me a tip (and I didn't charge her anymore than normal) and now she only comes when she wants to. Oh well, suppose I learnt my lesson. But I know not everyone's like that. Hopefully your client really appreciates what you have done for her!!! She should do!
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