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I just wante to say a huge THANK YOU to everone whose helped me with this, I'm actually going with Su-Do cos they're giving us a fantasic deal, but I'm going to get all my Stencils from K-Sa-Ra as they are much funkier & their paints are prettier too!

Thanks again,


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Jan 11, 2003
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I am looking to get an airbrush system for Body Art. I know Su-Do do one & its about £500.
Does anyone use one for body art? Ca nanyone recommend a system? Has any one got any experience of the Su-Do system?

The thing I liked about the Su-Do is that once you have it, you can just pay about £100 to get the extras for Nail airbrushing(although Geek says they aren't very good) & about £100 for the Aibrush tanning.

Any advice, experience or recommendations greatly received


Oh, & stupid question, but can you use the nail airbrush paints to do body art?
The people I know who use the sudu system say it is very good.
Especailly the tanning.
NO NO you can not use ordinary nail art paint to spray on bodies. Not a stupid question. Remember your skin is a window to the bloodstream so any paints used on skin must be specifically formulated for that purpose.
Thanks Geeg,
Thats all I need, a recommendation from Geeg!
I am definitely gonna give Su-Do a try, I've seen a couple of others but they're pretty much the same price, but they look really tacky!!

I'm gonna start with the body art, in my husbands Sci-Fi shop (lots of truely geeky people in long 'Matrix' leather coats, swinging Light Sabres & telling you to 'Use the Force, Luke' :rolleyes: )& move into tanning later in the year!

Thanks again
We use the Sudo system for tanning its excellent although before coming in to the beauty business I was a builder so we already had compressors .
The XL2000 airbrush is the best I have found for tanning but thats just my personal opinion. However I have used airbrushes on and off for many years on cars motorbikes etc.
We were trained in London at the salon of Sue Marsh well known nail tech(Untouchables) and her educator was an airbrush artist with no direct tyin to Sudo she reccomended thier Xl2000.
The I digress because you want something for nail art originally we tried the Badger and for me it was about as good as trying to do nail art with a real badger. But I know people who swear by them (not real badgers) or is it swear at them.
We tried on the recomendation of Jaqui Jefford another Sudo product called the evolution and for us its has been brilliant.
Obviously you will find what suits you. Ifr you go to the shows try stuff or ring Sudo and they will arrange a demo so you can try the products.
Orry about the name dropping but its to show that the recommendations were from a professional source.
Well Thank you, sweetie!

I don't think you were name dropping at all


PS My cousins are the bald guys from Right Said Fred & one of my other cousins is 'Dirty Dan' (Craig Fairbrass) from Eastenders! :D :D

Although I've just replied to your private message I'll reply here as well!!

Personally, I have had a lot of people telling me that they've had problems with their sudo system such as their airbrush clogging etc. This was not due to cleaning problems but with technical faults. I've also heard people say that their paints are quite thick.

I can't personally comment as I've never used the system - I'm just relaying what I've been told.

I use the Iwata HP-B airbrush and the Smart Jet Pro compressor. This runs all day long without the need to turn it off in between clients and as it's on an automatic shut off there's no noise when you're not using it.

K-Sa-Ra's Smart Jet Pro kit is also £499 and this includes 10 paints, stencils, top coat, base coat, cleaner etc. You can use this for body airbrushing but you would need a different airbrush that's suitable for tanning. There's also a mobile kit which is £335 but this is more suitable to just nails.

Hope this helps.
Hi again
I think your making a good decision.The Ksara stencils are excellent.
In defense of SUDO systems and as as a reply to the other post I personally have never had a blockage and can only speak as I find from personal experience.
Godd Luck
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