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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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Just when you thought they couldn't come up with yet another place to inject!

In an attempt to be able to last the whole day in their skyscraper heels à la celebrity royalty, women have taken to having dermal fillers injected into their toe pads, heels and the balls of their feet. Procedures of this kind have increased by 21% from last year and are still on the rise.

The treatment, which promises to be virtually painless (honest guv!), take only 20 minutes and last for 6 months supposedly creates a pillow effect for feet eliminating the burning sensation we all know so well after we've spent too long tottering on our Loubies.

Costs start from a mere £320 (doesn't leave much to buy the shoes with?) and Shami Thomas, spokesperson for Transform Cosmetic Surgery group says, "Skyscraper heels are becoming ever more popular with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole stepping out in towering stilettos on a daily basis and British women are continuing to copy the look."

Whatever floats your boat ladies, but surely the pain is there to tell you that you need to give your feet a break? If we can't feel the pain, lord knows what damage we could be doing to our feet. Misshapen toes, bunions, corns and the like are already on the rise...what's wrong with a good old fashion pair of Converse or summery sandals?

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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injections directly into the soles of your feet.!!!!!i'd have to be sedated .
Bring on the torn tendons and pulled muscles that this sort of injection will cause!

Chiropodists everywhere will be cringing. Also, i second what neimhe says.
I read this in the sun the other day they are calling them loub jobs ..... Ouchie x
This has been happening for a few years now!

A colleague of mine had a lap dancer client who had bunions and irregular shaped feet due to killer heels so she contacted her for filler in the ball of her foot to make them look more curvy and sexy.

She injected the filler and apparently it looked amazing! I must admit I found it a bit random at first but I suppose we all have our hang ups and as long as the person doing the procedure is a registered nurse or doctor with experience then I don't see the issue.

Any time new treatments come out people 'recoil' in horror but I'm sure the same happened for boob jobs, then bottom implants etc etc the list goes on.

Bring on the future when we're all made of plastic (joke)!

I LOVE the idea of a Loub Job! (Runs away to research and offer on our website Adam Williams Aesthetics - Manchester City Centre Clinic - Home)

But on a serious there/should there be a limit? Is a Loub job no different to a cheek filler? Who is right to say that someone shouldn't have something done if it affects their self esteem/confidence? Have we gone too far? Who's fault is it really?!?
I would never have it done* but I think it's kind of genius.

(After 2 hours of salsa in high heels last night I probably would have reconsidered!! :lol:)
You can inject radiesse into ear lobes, elbows and other areas where there is volume loss for whatever the reason is.
You can inject radiesse into ear lobes, elbows and other areas where there is volume loss for whatever the reason is.

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