Affable ITEC level 2 beauty course ?


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Apr 27, 2012
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Does anyone have feedback on Affable Therapy (Bromley)? They have an ITEC level 2 Beauty Specialist course on weekends over 25 weeks. The idea of a long term course is more appealing to me than 1 day sessions which don't give you time to practice then get feedback. Has anyone done this course or knows about it? Please let me know your thoughts on this. I'm struggling to find a level 2 Beauty course on weekends in London. I just want to be sure I choose something reputable before I pay.

thank you

I looked into training with Affable as like you said it is difficult to find a weekend course. I had a look around the premises which were quite nice and presentable. The teacher seemed really nice and answered all my questions. The only thing that put me off was the ITEC qualification as it seems alot harder then the NVQ. The teacher told me there is a 3 hour exam at the end of the course whereas I believe the NVQ is ongoing assessments after each module. However if your preferance is ITEC then I would pay them a visit as I thought they seemed quite good hth.

Hi Glamma,
I visited their school last Thurs and I liked the tutor as well, she was friendly and happy to answer my list of questions. I decided to enroll in the course as it appeared to be the best value for money in London I can find - a long term course on weekends, with a qualification. I don't mind that it's ITEC, I do realise it's going to be intensive study with an external exam, but at least I'd feel confident at the end when I pass that I gained skills and hopefully will be more confident when it comes to working on clients. I didn't like the idea of the 1-2 day courses as they don't really give you enough experience, and I would be wary of people wanting to treat me after 1 session! I'm so excited, can't wait to start :biggrin:
thanks for your view!