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Jan 29, 2011
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How well does this take? Does the hair need to be a clean white blonde or can i use it on darker hair?
I haven't gotten to try it myself. It can cover gray, but on prelightened hair, it has to be level 10.
I thought as much, ive a client tomorrow wanting it, i normally use wella but a rep that came in said to try it, im positive my clients blonde (i didn't do her consultation, so if i pre lighten if its lower than a 10 and tone any yellows out first? Or can it be use on pre lightened hair without a toner?
It's crap
Used it before and didn't like it, gave it a second change last week and thought itI used a 6.117 on somebody with base 7 hair last week with 10vol and it came out around a base 8! With a khaki cast on. Yuk. The 9.117 and 10.117 are good on base 10 pre lightened hair
We have the 10.117 aswell, i think she wants the darker grey though "/ hmmm im a bit nervous now [emoji85]
What do people think of the gothic range?
I use it on two clients, but they are both lightened to pale banana yellow. It's a lovely colour on both. I also use it sporadically on one client who has it mixed with 9.117 which is also lovely. I've not used them on non pale bleached hair but I don't think I would even attempt it to be honest.
These come out khaki unless you're a clean pale blonde. They're deposit only so you will have to pre lighten. I had the Onyx on my hair and the roots took well but the ends were pale. Colorissimo do a natural ash range which come out grey and they've also released 4 new grey tints. Other than that use a base 10 with a dash of black x

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