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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
Can some please post step by step on aftercare or even give some tips on same
The following can be downloaded from the Designer Nail Web Site where there is loads of advice under the NVQ section to help you with al sorts of different things.


Many problems are caused by clients not following the technician’s advice or failing to return to the salon for regular maintenance. If clients follow these simple guidelines, their nail enhancements will stay looking beautiful, be long-lasting and cause no damage to the natural nail at all. Their investment will be worth every penny and they will never have to look at unsightly hands again.

· If the client has very short nails, she/he should start by having the nails extension quite short so as to become accustomed to them gradually.

· If the client bites or picks their nails, a warning must be given that if they do this to the nail enhancements it will weaken them and substantially reduce the life of the enhancement as well as cause damage to the natural nails.

· Nail enhancements are not to be used as tools to pick or scratch at things as this puts undue pressure on the enhancement and may cause them to weaken and break.

· Nail enhancements will be weakened and damaged by harsh treatment e.g. exposing them to detergents without wearing rubber gloves, which can cause them to become dry and brittle and more prone to breakage.

· Relative to a client’s life-style and activity level, nail enhancements may need fortnightly or three weekly maintenance. If the enhancement is lifting or damaged and this is ignored, it could lead to a bacterial infection.

· If lifting is noticed by the client advise them not to pick or pull at the lifted area, as this will cause the lifting to increase and damage the natural nail.

· Nail enhancements can be removed safely in an appropriate Remover followed by a manicure to restore flexibility to the natural nails. This is a professional salon procedure and should never be carried out by the client.

· When removing nail enamel, always use a remover recommended by the nail technician. A non-acetone remover is considered most appropriate for artificial nail structures.

· When wearing nail enhancements, avoid pulling backwards against the tips of the nails; this could cause injury or breakage. e.g. pulling laundry out of the washer.

· Nail enhancements are flammable and should be kept away from direct sources of heat.

· Use a recommended oil daily for moisturising nail enhancements to keep them flexible. Using the correct oil will substantially prolong the life of the enhancements and reduce the risk of breakage.

· Treat your new nails with care until you get used to them. There are many traps for unsuspecting nails,(car doors, kitchen cabinets, switches, etc.) be aware of them and you will soon get into the habit of using your hands in a different way.

· Leave your new nail enhancements alone and let your professional nail technician look after them for you.

· Always follow your nail technician’s advice – She/He is the trained professional.
thanks a mil, much apprechated
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