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Apr 21, 2004
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Can anyone out there help me....

I'v just started to use a clear acrylic but i can't get rid of the air bubbles? i'v never had this trouble with Pink or White acrylic and i don't know how to get them out or what i'm doing that is different.

Please help i'm at my wits end...:(

Vicky x
Anyone??? lol
Hi Vickie,
first of all make sure when you put your brush in the monomer you realy soak it, to get rid of any air in your brush.
Make sure when you put the bead on the nail that you wait for it to melt before you touch it.
Press the bead realy well, to press all the air from it

Thanks Vanessa i'l give that a try. Its strange how it only happens when i use clear!

Thanks again :biggrin:
Another thought Vicky, it could be your ratio! Sometimes when you use a different colour powder it can have a different appearance, to say your natural or pink
Did'nt think of that....gonna try that now..thanks :biggrin:
ok iv tryed all of the above and still they look like an Aero....HELP
hi vicky i have had problems recently with air bubbles, you could try the following : make sure you have pressed out all the air bubbles from you brush in the bottom of your dampen dish of monomer then slowly and deliberatly with out to much pressure as this will splay out the bristles in the brush, ( i think my brush may have been taking up more air bubbles at this point as i was splaying my brush is that a new word ???? :lol: ) then making sure you have a steady hand by resting your little finger on the side of your powder dish pick up your bead and proceed in the normal way, i think for me the combination of being a bit heavy handed with my brush and a shaky hand in my powder (technically brush not hand shaking in the powder!! :lol: !! but you all know what i mean :lol: :rolleyes: :lol: ) this was kicking up all sorts of air bubbles :green: :lol: make sure you press out your beads well to help expel trapped air but make sure your not bashing your beads and injecting yet more of the dreaded bubbles!!!!!!!! thanks to liza smith for pointing all the above out to me since then the problem is definatly not so major!!!!!
the other thing you want to take into consideration is that since there is no pigmentation, there is nothing to hide any bubbles.
Chances are, you may be getting the same (if not more) bubbles in your pink or white, but as they are pigmented, they will hide the bubbles a bit.

the other point is that since there is no pigmentation, the ratio will be very slightly different (but not too much).

Hope this helps
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