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Jun 25, 2004
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Leeds UK
Hi all

In my gallery I have uploaded one of my pics of airbrushing. I cant seem to get any more to load - does anyone know why?!
Kimberley0699 said:
Hi all

In my gallery I have uploaded one of my pics of airbrushing. I cant seem to get any more to load - does anyone know why?!
It may be because youve loaded too many or the ones you have loaded are big and the capacity space is full, but otherwise cant really help sorry x
Sorry hun just noticed youve only loaded one!!! was there a message coming up at all when you tried to upload it?
There is no file limit on the size of the pic and one pic shouldn't use up what your allowed to load. The larger the picture the longer it will take to up load.
Make sure you are logged in to the photo gallery and keep trying.
Lesley i say this because i have had problems posting pictures with the size of the picture and correct me if i am wrong but so has Carole Lindsay at one point and there has been other threads to the same effect. i know one picture wouldnt take up loads of room hence my second post apologising.

thanks for your replies, its telling me the picture is too big... I will have another go as like you say, one picture shouldnt be too big!
i have that prob too, right click on pic and go to re-size, advanced, custom size, and type in size, biggest i've mannaged to get was only 300 x 220.

still very iccle!

lesley, maybe u cud help me. ii noticed that it says that there is no pic size limit when i up-loaded pics, but yet still had probs and all my pics are soooo tiny!! Do u no what i cud b doin wrong?
just had a look at the nails, they look really cool!
well done.
I've never done air brushing, is it hard.
looking at ure pic, u make it look easy!
They are fab babe well done you

Take care Dawnie xx
thanks guys

I LOVE my airbrush. Its quite hard to get the hang of as its all about controlling how much paint you spray. Once youve got that though, its just a case of thinking up wonderful designs! Still havnt got the hang of that gorgeous palm tree/sunset thing though!

If only I could get my pictures to fit on - I have loads more!!
When up loading pics even if you think they are small doesn't mean they are, it depends on pixel size. If you have an application like phtoshop or Paint shop pro, you can resize your pic byclicking on pixel size and then saving it at 70 pixels.

There is a limit unless you are a premium Geek, so you need to resize all pics otherwise one pic would use your space allocated,


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