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Sep 20, 2007
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I trained in body wraps a few years ago. I was shown how to apply the algae body wrap but when I came to order the product, noticed that they did a gel instead, which had been designed for salons without shower facilites, so bought the gel.

I've just put algae body wraps onto the menu as the new room has a shower.
I used to do the wraps without a shower as used the gel which is easy to wash off with mitts rather than the powder mixed with water and applied.

I still want to use the gel but now I have a shower, would like to use that as an option.

My question is what is the protocol of using a shower in a bodywrap?
do you run the shower for the client and leave the room?
do you tell them to dry themselves and then lie back on the couch? do you make the bed up fresh after they have had the exfoliation?

infact, thought I would do the algae exfoliation, then get them to shower it off, then use the mitts to remove the algae body wrap gel.

love to hear how you do the wraps.

btw was shown how to do the slimming wraps where you measure the client to an inch of their lives, apply wrap, apply cling film and get them to lie down. Not interested in pursuing that type of wrap.
I work in a spa and we do our algae mud envelopment this way

- body brush each body part
- exfoliating scrub on each body part
- mitt off as you do each part
- oil each body part (some muds aready have a moisurising oil in them)
- apply algae mud
- wrap in "space blanket" reflective sheet which the client is already lying on (keeps in heat
- while mud is setting perform 15 min face and scalp massage
- run shower, put towel down on floor outside shower , make sure clean towel is ready to dry off , unwrap client
- tell client you will leave the room and will be popping back in to tidy whilst they are in the shower , when showered tell them they can then get dressed and take seat
- client in shower tidy room , reset bed , leave room
- knock or call if decent, ready etc
- come in then however you end your treatments aftercare , rebook , payment etc


love Tashax
thanks tasha thats brill!:hug:

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