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Jul 29, 2003
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Surrey, UK

I need a little bit of advice, i'm going to purchase a new nail brush and have decide to invest in the master series, i just wondered what the different is between pro styler and the sculptor?

The difference is the size. If I can give you one bit of advice - the Masters series brushes are very expensive - but they are worth it - I would not be without mine now, but if you are purchasing a new, never tried brush, then buy one of the crystal handled ones and if you like it then aspire to the Masters one later. The Pro Styler is the one included in the training kits as a brush to suit everyone.

Just my tuppence worth.
Hi Lisa, I've used both the Pro Styler and Sculptor brushes in bother the masters range and the 'regular' types.

The pro styler is bigger, I find suits most types of nails I use the Master Series now and I have to say I use this 90% of the time - I love it :green:

I also have the sculptor brush which is a little smaller (I'd say about half the size...this is the amount of bristles we're talking about...not the handle! ha ha!). I use this on clients with little nails and nail biters enhancements, 'cos it's great for precision and accuracy and better to use to avoid over -exposure of product to your client.

Also, I have the CND black brush holder, and have a pice of blue-tak in the bottom of it, which secures my brushes when not in use...this is something I also would be without.

Hope this helps a little!

Notts/Derbyshire :)
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