+Maskology Photon LED Face Mask


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Jan 24, 2019
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north staffordshire
Has anyone invested in this mask by +Maskology yet? It is relatively new to the market ,but the concept has been around for a few years. I just wondered if anyone has had good results. Has anyone had the treatment? Was it any good?
My budget is limited as are my clients , so I am not wishing to purchase an expensive unit at this stage in my career.
Anti- Ageing and Rosacea would be my main concerns for clients.

Any help or advice will be most welcome.
Thanks, RosieR.
I am also looking at this, The Desee from Alison's or Dermal. Desee do two at Elisons
Thankyou for the response. The price point of the above is not suitable for me although it looks a very good device. I am nearing the end of my career so it is too big a purchase.
Second hand would be a good option for me now if I can source one.

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