all hair salon owners, could you help?


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Sep 5, 2009
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Hi all,

I've left college after doing my NVQ 2 in hairdressing apprentice in June. I'm still in my salon but have been on apprentice wage since i started.

Now I've left college I still arent qualified. My boss has done hardly anything with me in the 2 years i've been there. All i'm doing in the salon is washing, roots, foils and the odd few sets (which i dont have chance to finish as my boss takes over). i have been doing cutting at college, and nearly finished all of them now.

What i wanted to know was, should my wages of gone up now i've left college? i'm 18 and am in the salon doing 40+ hours a week! i'm contracted to 3 years, 2 with college and a year as a improver. my boss has told my college tutor today when she come to the salon to assess me that she wouldnt be moving my wages til next July when i'm finished with her. just seeking advice. hope that all makes sense, its hard to put it down on paper.


J xx
sounds like a 3 year apprenticeship. I'm not sure but think your wages will stay the same till you qualify. I've also just finished level 2 and going back to college for level 3. working 1 day per week in salon and don't get paid. I'm 31. I know the feeling with not getting to do much either. I don't get near clients other than shampooing ,gowning and making them tea.
I think they have to pay you apprentice wages when you work full time till your 19

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