All-in-one gel polish, what's your view?


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May 11, 2012
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Hi, i have been asked about those all in one gel polishes, example gel2 from l.a.palm which does need a basecoat for application and another one which was called gellaxy or something like that. Personally, i dont like the all in ones, dont really trust them. I just think each step should be followed in order to have a better adherance. But curious to know, has anyone used any of these products or other all in one products? Feedback appreciated!
This should prove to be a good thread, i know the Tammy Taylor is about to or is just beginning to make their entrance with the all in one new gel polish line. People around here are all about Tammy Taylor, should be very informative shortly.
Sorry, i meant gel2 does NOT need a base coat.
Besthands, i am assuming you haven't used these types of products either. I had asked my tech educator about these types and she made a face like she would not trust these all in ones, cause how much does the nail to be filed/ buffed in order to adhere right. A lady had aksed me about it, i gave my opinion but she went ahead and did it to herself anyway, which is absolutely fine, but she said that her nails are now horrible. Not sure if its the method of removal she tried or the gel itself.
And someone i know hadit done by a pro woth gellaxie or however its called, and she said it was chipping and peeling off 3 days later.

I have tried a 2 in 1 gel polish, (I usually use shelllac) I must admit it chipped after 2 days and is really thick to apply.
Thanks for ur reply. I don't know, i am uneasy using anything all-in-one. Lol even hair shampoo! I though there would have been much more feedback about this topic though since its the new trend now it seems. I don't know, i'm just not one to "cut corners" when it comes to these things to do a faster job. Call me old fashioned lol. But i take pride in what i do and want 100% satisfaction for my clients and myself on a job well done.
What is an 'all in one' gel polish? Don't want to sound thick, just curious! X
It's a gel that does not require a base coat cause it has it already. So as oppose to putting base coat u just start with color coats. Anyways from what others told me
I've used TT Gelprisa 3 times now and am disappointed with it. The gel is thick, I have to cure 5-10 seconds on each nail after applying it, and I have to use 3 coats to get the desired color. The removal time for me has been well over the 5 minutes they advertise. The no basecoat/no topcoat concept is great but not working for me yet.
My opinion with these 2in1, 3in1, 4in1's are all the same wether it's nails, hair or your skin. It's rubbish (just my opinion). There are different steps for a reason. They do different things!
How can a polish successfully have a nice base laid down, sufficient coverage on a colour coat and seal it's self with a top coat?
How can a some shampoo create a larger to strip hair of its oils to remove dirt and then replace moisture?
How can a wipe, clean deep into your akin, restore the oh balance by tonning, and moisturise your skin?

I jut personally think they're quick doofers (do for now's)

You wouldn't

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