allergic reaction on hand from 10 yrs ago!?


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Aug 3, 2007
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BC Canada
Im not sure this fits in the tech forum or here but its about skin and I need some advice from other skin experts.

About 10 years ago my husband cut his finger and he put an elastoplast covering on it. Im not totally familiar with what that is as he is from Oz and is now in Canada with me.
he got an allergic reaction to the adhesive in the elastoplast wrapping. He used a course stone to remove the skin where the irriation was ( waaaaay before he knew me!) and I dont know why he did that. In any case the skin in his finger and where it spread down to his hand has never been the same. It is rough and scaley, thin and its spread to his other fingers. It seems to be dermatitis but why hasnt it gone away? He hasnt used the elastoplast again, He cant yet see the Doctors here because we are still in the process of immigrating him. Of course he never went to see the doctor in Oz either. Its been too long since I was in school or have seen anything like this in a client so im at a loss here.
Any ideas?
I became allergic to latex thanks to elastopast (its a very very sticky cloth sticky plaster that uses a latex based adhesive) my reaction is different thou and only when anything containing latex, Parabens or parapens or paraffin (argh) touches my skin..... however.. if its not going away at all on your hubby.. it sounds awfully like psoriasis .. my fiancée has it, its scaly, dry, and the skin sometimes cracks.. and there is nothing u can do for it... he would be best to go see a skin doc thou to be 100% sure.
I dont know much about psoriasis, his hand and fingers have what looks like roughed up skin, dry but thin. its not red at all, has no bumps or anything. Its kinda like a rough patch one gets from a place they rub a lot, like i have a rough patch on my finger where my pen rests. Im sure he doesnt scratch it though as it doesnt itch. Its just dry.
I guess it doesnt bother him much but its puzzling me and Im a Curious George about all things skin and strange, lol!
hmmm .. not totally sure then... if its not bothering him thou why not wait until hes got his Immigration sorted and then go see a local doc :)
Yeah , proubably all we can do. Oh well if anyone has any ideas of what it is, your guess is as good as mine,lol!

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