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Aug 6, 2003
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I have clients who like the look of the Ruby Slippers type of tips, but some are not in the position to have permanent glitter tips.

I have tried using the micro glitter on top of the tips. This always looks great until the top coat goes on. This then dulls the look.

Does anyone have any tips on either semi-permanent or a way around dulling the tips.

I tend to have a big call for this around Xmas and Patricks day here for green, white and gold tips

You could always polish over the glitter for their next fill.

What I would tell my clients is they have to wear the glitter for at least 2 fills....I'd offer to backfill another glitter color in that time frame. Then after they've "done their time" 8) , I would backfill to P&W's or whatever they wanted.

The majority of my clients who did wear the glitter usually sported it for weeks at a time; they would just change glitter colors every few fills.
Nice1 Patti. Lookin good.
Wow Patti
Fab as allways
xxxxxxxx to the little one
Take care Dawnie xx
luuuuuvly pattiiiiii ;) :thumbsup:
Sawasdee ka

Very beautifull nail i want learn this nail and atn buckley send me tutorial for do and soon i learn for sure .

Kop khun ka mui

I am not yet qualified to do nail enhancements so I paint nails with the ruby slipper look with nail varnish. I paint the tips with red nail polish like a french manicure, then paint on spangles ruby glitter polish, two coats of this gives a nice effect, then top coat.

hiya sarah
i also do this on my manicure clients.
they see my nails, & want something similar, so i've tried a few different colours with glitters & they usually wear v.well.
lol liza xx
Hi, Not sure we are on the same wave length here, but just in case can I be so bold as to make a suggestion? Have you tried a gel as a top coat. I use Perma gloss or Le Chats gel system. Just do acrylic like normal, but no buffing. add coat of thin gel top coat and put under gel light for 3 min and clean off stick top with alcohol. Stays hard, very shiny until next fill. I have also found that it goes over nail paint, rhinestones and polish well. :rolleyes:
They are gorgeous Patti!!!!
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