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Jan 12, 2003
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Dubbo, Australia
Hi All

All my salon calls go to my mobile. At times I am with a client and don't want to interrupt their calls by answering the mobile.

How do your salon messages read? At the moment mine says Thank you for calling xyz, at the moment I may be with a client but your call is important so please leave a message and I'll get straight back to you. I'm sick of this message though :D

What do you guys have on your phones?? :?:
My cell phone message is..." This is Christie...beep" lol my mom hates it...heehee
At home I say.."we can't come to the phone, if you want to leave a know what to do!"
I used to work in insurance and had to call alot of people. I hated those long drawn out messages..with the kids and the dog and someone playing guitar...
So now I like short messages...everyone understands answering machines now..and why they are on and what they are supposed to do when they hear a 'beep'.
But that is just my two cents...and it is not "all about Christie" :cyclops:
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