Anti-ageing, something a little different?


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Mar 29, 2012
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HI geeks,

Im setting up my business and trying to find something a little different. All the local salons are doing Caci, acuderm and crystal clear and so I dont want to be in 'competition' with the same treatments on offer...I've been very interested to read about micro-needling and also Faith lift, I'm also looking at doing natural lift massage/facial head is spinning really and the more I look the more I find and the more confused I get lol!! I am also very interested in offering galvanic facial treatments but not sure which line of products to use, there are so many and my experience lies with decleor, Clarins, Espa and Md formulations which cost a bomb to open an account! I would be very grateful to hear your choice and experience, thanks x
Hi, try beautylab they have plenty to offer.
thanks, I will take a look x
Hi Kerry, have you looking into NBG's A-lift and Contour Roller? Fab treatments and products that will be a fab addition to any salon
Faith lift all the way. Just did a treatment on my mum here's before and after


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Faith lift all the way. Just did a treatment on my mum here's before and after

I've been looking at Faith lift whilst ordering Shrinking Violet, how good is it and when you purchase do they give you advice on applying etc?? xx
We do :wink2:

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