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Mar 26, 2006
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hi i have just started my nvq 2 in hairdressing and loving it ,
but i have been asked to research the word anti-oxy and just wondering if someone can help me .
i am not asking for someone to give me my answers just a little help into where i can look on the internet i am finding it so hard to find abit of info on it . i dont yet have a text book as still wait for book and kit to arrive in post !
anyway all i know is anti-oxy is a conitioner used on coloured and permed hair but need a bit more info than that!
i will be very grateful for any help:)
Hi , anti oxidant is a formulated conditioner which once applied will halt the oxidation process of any oxidation treatment eg tints bleaches and perms ect

it will also stop creeping oxidation, which means the hair may carry on slowly processing ,
but once anti oxidant conditioner is applied it will stop it .
That is why you would always use this type of conditioner and shampoo's after a colouring or bleaching or perming or straightening procedures .
hope this helps :hug:
just to say thanks to minky that write up is a great help to me, im shore when i get my books all my info will be in there
many thanks tasha :hug:
Youre welcome Id just like to add that antioxidant conditioner will also bring the Hairs PH balance back to its nomal level , :hug:


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