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Nov 17, 2003
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Yellow tinges on the tips!

Can anyone give me any help at all? I have a client who returned today for her maintenence/infill appointment, and all was well until i went back to file and polish her newly done nails. I used ret+ on her and all the correct prep, scrubfresh,nailfresh,acid free primer etc. I did the first hand, then the second, and when i went back to file the first there were orangy tinges on the tips?? OH MY GOD!!! I was like shock, horror!! I filed them, and it disappered, now the first thing i thought was that they were contaminated in someway, although im really good (or so i thought!!) at trying to keep everything in tip-top conditon. I always use a pippette to dispense my liq, use a pro-styler which i look after and change my liq between hands. It was worse on the first hand and not too bad on the second. Im baffled as to what caused it, and also im terrified it will come back, and my client will call me in tears! I just want to create perfect nails so if anyone has any ideas at all as to what may have caused this, please please let me know!! All advice is gratefull received! Please help as everytime the phone rings im a nervous wreck thinking it may be her!! LOL!

Michelle. x
Try and calm down, im sorry I can't give any accurate advice. Im sure you will b able to pin point wot may hav caused this.
Had the white go through the whole nail or just the surface of the nail?
Does your customer change her polish herself?
Some Indian food can stain the nails.
My old boss use to think Mr Muscle Orange cleaner could sometimes effect her nails and give them an orange tinge.
Just a few suggestions.
Try not 2 worry.x
If when you filed it it came off then it was on the acrylic and not in it. Did she by any chance put her first hand near her face while you were doing her second hand therefore puting foundation on the nail? This is one possibility, I've seen it a few times.
If you brush was contaminated or you'd put primer on the existing acrylic you wouldn't have beem able to file it away.
I know i know im hysterical!! I just hate it when something happens and im not sure why!! I strive to be perfect (as we all do) so when this happened it was like, "OH NO YOU DONT!!!". I want to try and solve this and to try and stop this happening again.

Michelle. xx
Thinking about it, midway through dong her nails, when i had applied acrylic to the first hand, she had to leave my house to move her car as the clampers were on the prowl, it was her right hand and she is right handed, do you think this may have caused it????????
Yellow tinges on the tips!

In my experience, most women touch their face and get a bit of foundation on their tips, I just white buff it gently and it disappears! I agree with Jane.
I really hope that that is all it is, and not a breakdown somewhere caused by myself!!! Thanks for the advice and from now on i will watch my clients like a hawk, in fact i think i will tape their hands to the table till im finished!!! LOL!!!

Michelle. :D
I've got a client who came back to me with an orange tinge on some of her nails and around her cuticles. It turned out that she had been peeling carrot s which did explain this as it wasn't on one hand.

While we are on this 'colourful' subject :D I had a client who repeatedly came back with a whiteish 'feathering' to her thumb nail, it was her husband who worked out that it was the thumb she used to pierce her orange (to start off peeling it) every day! :D :D :D
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