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Apr 1, 2011
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Well from hearing hardly anything for 2 months, just got a phonecall asking if i could do a pamper party for 12 ladies in an afternoon before they all go out to a cocktail party.
so i am a bit panicky, but desperately need this as it could potentially be 12 new clients and more if i do well and words spreads etc.
so i am thinking 15min-30mins treatments each depending on what they want. she wants me to quote some prices on mini treatments etc.
so my thinkings are

15 mins treatments
mini facial (cleanse, tone exfolaite, eye cream, moisturiser) ? 5 min mask
mini manicure (cuticle work, file,paint, decal or rhinestone)
mini pedicure (cuticle work, file, paint, decal rhinstone)

30 mins treatments
shellac nails or toes
facial and eyelash tint/eyebrow shape
rockstar nails or toes

anymore ideas welcome or tips
as i am petrified but sooooooooo need this business especially as i was about to jack it all in this week.
obviously i will price according to the area i live in
please help

ps if i do an eyebrow shape is there anything i can put on afterwards to take the redness away asap if they are going out etc:Scared:
Don't know If this helps or not but won't they want to look good when they go out so maybe a facial isn't the best given they will have to reapply make up and hair may get messy.

What about minx that drys instant and can be applied within half hour.

Strip lashes they can go straight over there own make up and that way no removal

Manicures are great just have to watch they don't smudge them.

Are they going out straight after you have been or are they getting ready after you have been coz then the facial is a good idea :)
X x
thanks for input
they are going out straight after me, so probably get ready once i have departed, great idea about the strip lashes. xx
Just remember... If they all go for 30 min treatments... This is 6 hours of work... Do they have enough time? X
For me, I'd like eyebrow shape, facial waxing, eyelash and brow tint, and mini mani or pedi.

You could apply eyelash tint and whilst waiting be completing application on other women. Then go back and remove on all. Same with brows (prob do 2 at a time). Facial waxing with hard wax, you can apply to both brows, one side lip, chin before removing. Then finish lip, middle of brow etc. Hard wax is great!

I think if you organize yourself and are efficient you could do all of the above on all of the Women in under 2 hours.

Then I think you would need to do a mini treatment to each where they have your full attention and feel pampered (as waxing and tinting get instant results but definitely don't count as pampering). If you gave 5 min mini treatment that adds another hour at least.

With setup, pack up and chattering it's prob 4 hours work.

Alternatively have someone else join you. Xxx good luck !
Hiya great news on your party enquiry.
I used to do quite a few pamper parties and would just say keep the treatments as simple as possible - it will take longer than you imagine!! You would think that once you're set up you can whizz through the treatments but it doesn't always work that way. The ladies will be deciding what they want done, deciding who wants to go next, choosing their mani and pedi colours will take them a while and you need to factor in time for collecting money, and they're always leaving the room/more people arriving etc. I once did a pamper party for 10 ladies and was there a long time and still couldn't get them all done because the time just runs away with you!
Good luck with it - they are hard work but very rewarding :)

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