any ideas??


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Aug 6, 2004
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Hey Everybody,

i was wondering wether any one would be able to give me any advice on advertising my nail business, i am doing nail extensions part time in the evenings after my main job getting a few clients a week but not as many as i would like, most of them are through word of mouth, have some business cards but apart from that not sure what else to do!!

Does anyone have any fatanstic ideas?
hi theres alot of threads about this topic try the search button at the top, im in the same boat a women on here called fakin it her husband makes and designs logos for your car windows and writing on the car as well im ordering mine as we speak i think its a good way to advertise, have you put your free line in ?? hth
hey emmalouisa,

I didn't know anything about the freeline in!!

and putting an advertisement in a car window is a fab idea!!

still really new to this site, thanks for the reply x

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