Anyone else made beauty their career change?


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May 25, 2024
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HI all :)

Firstly, thanks for having me! Im not entirly new to beauty - I studied my nvq level 2 beauty diploma when I left school but then went into childcare and had my own children so never got fully delved into it in a career sence and before you know it - here I am , nearly 35 and wanting to finally 'start'.

Am I mad to think that I can blend into this industry technically starting at my age? Ive found a really reputable beauty academy where I can recover all the main services that Im hoping to start out with so im grand on that front but I always have fibromyalgia and ME . Im planning on being mobile while I build up clients ( although I do have a summer house in the garden that I could possilbly convert if I need to?)

Has anyone ever started later? How did you find it? I also home educate our little people so the thought of being able to have a career that Ill love around the things I still need to do at home really drives me to make it work! BUt I would really appreciate any advice!
Thank you x
Welcome to the forum.

You are not mad for having ambition and you will blend in very well ! It should be a great solution for all the things in your life.
Whilst I started in the industry at the age of 19, being employed at a salon, I became self employed whilst my sons were very young. You have drive and ambition and I am sure you can get it to work for your children, health and all the rest of it.

Nurseries for child care were virtually non existent at the time I started and would have taken more than half of my wages. So I did mobile for a while and then had my home salon which I preferred. Have got a few more mobile clients these past few years as they don't drive anymore due to health issues. It is not what I like...too much to cart around and it takes extra time.

There are other late starters on here so maybe there will be a few other worthy comments from them.
Good luck ☺️
Hey! I'm 42 and have just changed career to beauty... so i don't think you're mad at all. I have just finished my training (been studying more or less full time for 2 years) and hoping to start my own business as soon as we move house. Hope it all goes well for you. xxx
I’ve just reopened my business after a Covid break. I’m 61.
I did my training at 59! And had a very successful business run from home. After hounding from some clients I’ve reopened keeping my client list short no advertising. Good luck with your new venture. Do what you love!! Life’s too short 🙏🏻
starting school soon , to grow my hair skills which will eventually grow my hair business.
I trained at 47. I’d had a change of health and been unemployed for seven years. I thought a career in beauty would suit me but was anxious about the practicalities of balancing work and my health needs.

It’s been great. I started very part time in my own business, and as I gained experience, I found my health improved. There are so many benefits to working and doing something you enjoy, and it’s so detrimental to your health to be miserable, lonely or isolated, and demoralised with gloomy thoughts about the future. Taking a positive step to claim your own destiny and feeling a sense of achievement with your accomplishments is so worth it. Yes, I was in constant pain for a good five years and I was often so tired that as soon as I sat down I fell asleep. I wouldn’t have considered putting myself through that as an employee however, because I found working so rewarding I was determined to continue.

I started off with very basic treatments that I learnt to do exceptionally well. I was very very good at creating a wonderful client experience and I knew how to build my business. These skills stood me in good stead. I noticed that my clients wanted more high-end treatments and experiences and really appreciated my passion and my knowledge, so I gradually started to train in more advanced treatments. I am now a degree level educated massage therapist, and qualified to work for the NHS, although I still work exclusively in my own business. I’m also an advanced level reflexologist, and I’ve trained in a number of other holistic therapies.

For me, this training was groundbreaking. Being part of a student cohort of like-minded individuals, all of us building our businesses and supporting each other, helped me so much. I also benefited from my training as I was able to treat myself and receive helpful treatments from my fellow students who were a very talented group. I started to have a few pain-free days. At first just a few a year, but each year was better than the one before. The pain I experienced localised, it became specific to certain areas, and this made it easier to manage and treat. Now it feels like I just have the sort of aches and pains that anyone a decade so older than me might have. I don’t really feel disabled by my health anymore even though I’m not really “cured“, I’ve just learned how to pace myself.

It is a learning journey, and it’s not necessarily going to make your fortune, but it certainly is possible to lead a richer life and to teach your children some very valuable life lessons, by example.

Please check in here, regularly, and share your stories. We will all love to hear how you get on. Good luck and all the best.
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