Anyone else work from a remote area?


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Mar 6, 2013
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Hi I work from home and live in a small village. We're thinking of moving but staying in the same village, however the house we're looking at is 10 mins drive from the village centre and is down a very rural lane. I'm still slowly increasing my hours and clients as my children grow and worried I will be to remote for both my existing and new clients. Winter worries me as I work a lot of evenings and being a lane obviously there is no street lights or anything. But for when both my children are at school I could offer lots of other and more relaxing treatments and could turn the room I would work from into a lovely treatment room. Does anyone else work from a remote area, how do you find it? Thanks for reading my essay x
I'm quite remote and I find my clients are OK about coming to me still. I have plenty of parking immediately at my front door and during winter I make sure my outside lights are all on so they can see to get to the entrance.
The down side is that you have to put more into advertising as no shop front for people to spot.
However, perhaps I'm just highly!
I still charge quite high prices compared to my nearest high street salon.

If your salon facilities at the new house are better and you have good private parking then go ahead and move.
I work in a rural area, just outside a village. All approach roads are little rural lanes and I am very busy. I rely on word of mouth as CFBS said, there is no shop front. Once clients are hear, the exclusive private setting is worth it!
I work in a barn on the edge of a village. I spend a lot of money on advertising. There's an A board outside and I do leaflet drops and still get people saying "I had no idea you were here".

We have had cctv installed and several other deterrents (slightly different for you if it's your home).

I have nearly gone skating down the road when it's icy as it's really bad but when it's really really bad, we'll close. It hasn't happened in 4 years.

Good luck with it all x
Thank you for the replies ☺ I'm feeling a lot less worried and we're going to go for the house ☺ x
I live on an old run way literally in the back of beyond [emoji85] it's taken a while but I've now got a small client base that's continuing to grow.. Building relationships with your clients is so important , but if they like you they will move with you .. Good luck X X

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