How to resign from a toxic work environment.


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How to resign from a unhappy work place

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Aug 26, 2022
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United kingdom
Hi guys,

Just need some advice and guidance. I have been working in this beauty salon from past 2yrs. I enjoy working for this company as it provides all the right products and tools to deliver your treatments to high standards. But from April there was some changes in the business and the manager/beauty therapist was not manager anymore as the company was loosing money etc but the real reason for her removal from the post is due to constant complaint from a specific staff member. And now they both are senior. The ex manager picks on little things that I do as to me it feel like she is letting to the other colleague know that she still got more authority than her in the salon. I have never complaint this to my boss as I know she won’t be able to do much as she needs them more than me as one was with them from 10yrs and one was from 5yrs and they both are full time. But honest to god, they do more harm to the business than good. The ex manager will throw things even when the product is not finished properly, all the electrical bed were pulled so hard that the wires doesn’t work and etc. wherever you can think you can manage little better she just don’t care. And the other colleague she always talks to the client about boss, how things are not right at work. She even says to the receptionist if I open up a shop will u work for me etc. I have always ignored their behaviour and never said anything to anyone and I felt may be sometimes people do ignore for bigger pictures.

Now from past few weeks they both have targeted me as a scapegoat. I want to leave the job now but I don’t know what excuse to make as I know my boss might ask me my reason for leaving and request me re-think.
She is a lovely lady but I can’t work there, it’s so toxic.

I would be grateful if you can advise me how can I leave this work place. Would you advise me to tell the truth or should I just ignore and leave without saying anything. What reason would you suggest.

I really appreciate advice, thank you so much in advance.

Many thanks,
Hi Lily. I’m really sorry you’re going through this. Sadly these things happen. This is my take. The reality is that you don’t have the same connection with your colleagues as they have with each other and your Boss. The reality is that your Boss isn’t going to fire either of her two long standing team members. The reality is that the two of them are happy bickering and sniping at each other and will most probably sort things out eventually. So the reality is that nothing is going to change - they’ve got used to working as a team.

Let’s imagine things don’t work out. What then? Most probably a huge tantrum, followed by a tense atmosphere, loads of stress and recriminations and even more toxicity. It won’t be cosy and nice ever again.

I’m afraid there are no good solutions in this situation. My advice? .Put your big girl pants on. You need to put yourself first because no-one else will. Make up your mind to find yourself something better and get yourself another job.

When you’ve accepted another job and have a start date tell your Boss that you are leaving because you feel it’s time to move on. Don’t tell her about the other job, just say you want a break and give her notice. If she presses you, you can say you’ve not felt happy recently and want some time away. If your Boss presses you to stay, keep smiling, stay professional, don’t say what you have said here, just ask for some time away to rest and reflect as you’re feeling burnt out.

You can let your boss down gently by telling her that you’ve been offered a trial elsewhere or just say nothing. It’s up to you.

Once you’ve started work elsewhere one of two things will happen 1. you may realise just how bad things were and just feel relieved you’ve left or 2 you regret leaving and want to ask for your old job back.

If you decide to return to your current Boss you’ll be really glad you didn’t bitch about your Co-workers.
Thank you so much for ur help. You have exactly said what thought and I have been ignoring them but I wasn’t sure if that’s what making them to pick on me. I feel so bad that people are making the work place hell than the work.

Thank you for your advice again.
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