Anyone Know Of Any North East Salons That Stock Pureology ?


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Jul 23, 2010
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hello everyone

I am new to this site so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone knows of any hair salons in Newcastle Upon Tyne that stock Pureology ? Currently I buy this from salons who have online shops but I am starting to tire of the postage costs so would prefer to buy it directly. Have tried google searching and Pureology's website doesn't seem to have a "salon locator" :((
I know Dawn (aka Persianista) on here stocks and sells Pureology - maybe you could contact her and see what you can sort out.
Yes I have the full range on my haircare site. Even with the postage, it is still below rrp as we give a discount online. Welcome - Indigo Hair & Beauty
Thank you ladies, Persianista your postage costs are alot more reasonable then the other online company I was using so I have placed an order for my usual conditioner today and will come back when my shampoo starts running low :)

Thanks again

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