Anyone recommend how to distribute flyers / company that won't break the bank?


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Feb 1, 2012
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Really struggling to get flyers out there. Just haven't got time to do them all on own and need to get them out there ASAP! Any ideas welcome!
Contact your local free magazine or newspaper and ask them what they charge for insertion. You might have to arrange delivery to their printers yourself but it's probably more effective than paying an individual. They can be manually inserted or done by machine. It will be a couple of hundred but effective way of getting them out.
Bribe a postman?
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facebook status asking each of your friends and family to each do their road

magazine inserts are very expensive

ask a trustworthy friends teenager to deliver for you

rope everyone in. we have distributed about 25,000 in 3 years and are due our next 5,000 next week. always change them, keep them fresh and never distribute the same area more than quarterly periods.

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